11+ modern kitchen island designs with seating for your dream house


For the housewives, the kitchen not only has to be complete using various kinds of tools that facilitate the cooking process. Stylish minimalist kitchen design, not only add to the spirit of seasoning making, but all the family feel comfortable to be in it.

Error one kitchen design which is widely applied to recent current houses is the kitchen model island or kitchen island. This kitchen model looks like a kitchen in general, but generally has a small table with a few chairs around it. At first glance, looks like a dining table, but it really isn't. Kitchen Island is commonly used for putting ingredients to be cooked, but there is no harm to maximize its usefulness into a dining table or a mini bar table.

If you want a simple design of your kitchen to appear more attractive, there is no harm in choosing an erroneous one from 11 kitchen island models below.

Installing a kitchen island can enhance the area in many ways. Using good planning, the small size kitchen can actually have this model. Even the small kitchen is able to benefit greatly using the kitchen island model adopted. Kitchen Island is a much sought after feature. He also widely recommended the designer or kitchen area designer make a perfect concept of kitchen interior, both in terms of display also function. The existence of this kitchen feature is often used as a space for dining, working, as well as even additional storage shelves.

A well-scheduled layout uses a good show of ease, while the poor layout of the unwell will cause frustration and discomfort. This is mainly caused less availability of space enough to create a kitchen design with an island.
If you are planning to design a kitchen island, there are some considerations that could help you set, do you have relative available space or not? If not, never try to impose an installation of an island in your kitchen.

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However, don't assume that if you have a small kitchen, the kitchen island example cannot be applied. This means misconceptions. There are many types and examples of island that can be adapted to the size of the space available. When trying an island, you should look at it is obliged to leave a gap between the edges of the table at the back of the cabinet and the table edges Island. The space between these two working areas is the origin of the clearance zone. Ideal distance for clearance zone This means about 1 meter. These distances can provide flexibility and enable free movement as well as safe on more or less island and in the whole kitchen area.

Make the best result, you should consider making it a specially designed kitchen island feature. Like an island that combines seating and storage areas. With these features, your kitchen will always be organized using very good. She is also the simplest solution to the extra necessary storage space in a small sized kitchen. Especially if the tools-equipment and kitchen appliance used relatively poly.

Although small, this dimension is still possible to be used as an easy working area of the kitchen, including a selection of integrated equipment. Plan a multifunctional island. Kitchen island in tiny kitchen is capable of very efficient if planned from the beginning as a versatile workstation. The design of the kitchen using island can convey the convenience of Estra as well as a very attractive look at a holistic interior kitchen. But, do not too hyperbola anyway, because something too huge and excessive will precisely interfere with the beauty of the kitchen interior. A good kitchen designer will help you to determine how big an ideal kitchen island size is, as a result can give you a balance using the whole space.

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That is important for you to pay attention to the meaning, make sure to wear a table that can fit physically into your kitchen area. If not, immediately prepare another way. Because your kitchen will look more narrow and uncomfortable. Once again, the peninsula example is capable as an easy and functional option if the kitchen island option is felt less fit. Remember and always consider planning a kitchen island installation; That there are still many possible layouts, shapes, and also sizes to choose from. Layout, shape, as well as the size of this kitchen island of course as a condition how big your kitchen interiors are able to have a glamorous look with the right comfort.

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