Best 11+ kitchen cabinet long island, Inspiration kitchen layout


Maybe you're no stranger anymore when hearing the term wet kitchen and kitchen dry. However, what about the term kitchen island? It seems that not many know because the houses in Indonesia still seldom use the kitchen island. Kitchen island itself is one of the kitchen components of a large multi functional table which is usually located in the middle of the room. Often comes with several seats around it. Seats used are usually bar seats. Although it looks like a dining table, but the function is not specifically allocated as a dining table, but as a table to facilitate the process of cooking such as cutting groceries, preparing seasonings, and mixing groceries.
Overseas, the kitchen island is indeed widely applied to the houses of wide size. While in Indonesia, the application may be new lately. If you want to build kitchen with island kitchen concept, some examples of small kitchen island here may be your inspiration to be more like cooking at home.

Kitchen island is also suitable to be applied to modern style houses to lift the luxury of residential. As you see above, sometimes the island's kitchen table is equipped with a dishwasher, as well as cabinets and shelves to store food and cooking equipment. Because of its multi functional nature, kitchen island can be used as dining table and bar table. In addition, it can also be used by children as a table to perform school assignments while accompanied by a cooking mother.

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