Modern home design two story using white paint house restaurant and main entrance door colors for minimalist house design floor plan

modern home design one story using paint house restaurant and main entrance door colors for minimalist house design floor plan

You've certainly heard the opinion that minimalist design means "less is more," and a different opinion is when the phrase is interpreted as cheaper is better. When applied to modern 2-storey minimalist house design, the theory doesn't mean that less spending, but it embodies a better design through simplicity and get the best look through careful analysis .

Having a simple 2-storey minimalist home model that is small and comfortable is the need to be met. Sometimes this becomes your dream when you are not able to buy or build a house. The importance of home use in human life makes the home a primary need to be fulfilled.

Perhaps you find many luxurious 2-storey modern minimalist houses, with spacious size and classy furniture and the beauty will be enjoyed by many people. However, for those of you who have a tiny house and can not even have a luxury home type, do not be discouraged. You can still create a simple 2-storey minimalist house and designed in such a way that it looks modern and elegant.

In the modern 2-storey minimalist house design, the main key is located at the clue or how to maximize each room of the house so that it still can make you comfortable and happy to be at home. So comfort is crucial when you're saturated and resting your body when you're tired of working.

The advantages of this type of minimalist house 2 floors compared with 1 floor minimalist house is the number of rooms. Therefore before designing your dream house then the thing you need first of all is you have to plan carefully. With a nice 2 storey minimalist house plan and consider the basic principle of minimalist design without sacrificing comfort, aesthetic value, and your personality style.

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Despite its limited size, the minimalist and modern 2-storey house is designed for families who have modern life, yet simple. This type of house is the development of a 1-storey minimalist house with a ground floor area of 36 square meters, while the second floor can vary according to the needs of the occupants.

The minimalist and modern house of 2 storey design is the perfect solution to solve the problem of increasing the number of family members. A wide selection of space layouts still remains necessary in this design although limited to size. This home-type design focuses on exploring colors, materials, textures and shapes in a minimalist exterior and interior look that can make your home look more modern and elegant.

In terms of economical, the cost of the house minimalist and modern design 2 this floor is affordable enough to make this type of house most interested people in addition to comfortable and provide a spacious mobility space for its occupants. In addition, this type of house also helps facilitate the building workers to perform their work.

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