modern nipa hut house design using house paint color guide exterior and entrance doors uk prices for modern house plans philippines

modern nipa hut house design using house paint color guide exterior and entrance doors uk prices for modern house plans philippines

Nowadays, minimalist and modern home models are becoming a trend and many people. The design is simple and does not have much ornament detail on the model of the building, it does make this model house much in demand by the community, especially those who live in urban areas. However, in the midst of architectural style for modern dwellings, the classic house model still has a lot of fans. Moreover, some people still assume if the residence should not only be comfortable and worthy to be occupied, but also must reflect the identity of the house owner. The classic House model is always identical to the magnificent and luxurious architectural design, classical house architecture has intricate details on each part, ranging from doors, windows, home facades, even the roof.

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If we look back at the history of classic home models, the classic house models come from the architecture of ancient Rome and Greece, although as the world of architecture evolves, each country has its own improvisation classic home design that is usually adjusted With the country's identity. So also in Indonesia, here Classic home design also has a lot of fans. The classic home design Model that develops today, is no longer identical to the rigid architectural design and should be magnificent as many classic house models are found in European countries. Nowadays, the classic home design that is much in demand by the community in Indonesia is a classic house with modern house design style.

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Modern classic home models are not much different from the classic home models in general, but here the elaborate details are usually found in the classic house is more minimised. With classic home design models that detail more minimalist and modern, making the classic house design in Indonesia does not look rigid and more desirable by the community. In Indonesia, fans of the classic house models usually come from upper middle society, who do expect a prestige from a dwelling house that they occupy.

Joglo Classic House Model is famous for its wood carvings that are thick with ethnic nuance and also full of philosophy in every detail of the building, which until now still believed by Javanese people. The classic Joglo house Model has special characteristic on its roof design, which is a unique tajug shaped roof design. This classic Javanese house design at a glance is similar to the classic Joglo home design that most of the building material of the house is made of wood. Javanese classic house design usually use plain wood or carved wood that is used as an ornament on the wall of the house and thick with ethnic nuance of Javanese culture.

The architecture of a classic Balinese house is widely admired by people from abroad, even some are up to apply the architectural design of a classic Balinese home to their homes abroad. Just like Joglo and Javanese classic House, Bali Classic house design house is also filled with ornament carving on every detail of house building. The foliage and flowers are objects that characterize the Balinese carving that is applied to the details of home ornament.

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