U shaped small size modular kitchen design with kitchen island dining table combo with kitchen cabinet design malaysia price

U shaped small size modular kitchen design with kitchen island dining table combo with kitchen cabinet design malaysia price

One of the activities that is identical with housewives is cooking. Cooking is not just a hobby, but also a duty and a need. Imagine if mothers did not cook for a few days, surely the fathers and the children would starve or spend more money to buy food outside. That's a few reasons why kitchen cookware is always "steaming".

Because this cooking kitchen is used every day, certainly must be designed as best as possible from the plan, furniture layout, and multi function equipment. Thus the kitchen will feel more efficient in terms of energy and finance.

If viewed in terms of layout, there is a concept that facilitates mothers of kitchen work triangle. Kitchen work triangle is a concept where there are three main work points in the form of stove, laundry, and refrigerator that most often used during cooking. These three points are associated with a shadow line forming a triangle. The location is not far apart so the users of this cooking kitchen does not need to proceed much to achieve.

After understanding the concept of kitchen work triangle, what is the theory of placement and the design of an efficient cooking kitchen that is a favorite of mothers? Check out the following discussion, yes!

1. Distance to by lane on Cooking kitchen design

The door in the cooking kitchen area is at least 80 cm in size and note the location of placing it. When the door is opened, make sure the door is not about furniture, cupboards, stoves and cookware. If you want to be safer, just use the sliding door model for your kitchen.

In the cooking area, make sure the room to stand and walk has a distance of about 106 cm from the stove for comfort and safety. You don't want to, if you have to walk slowly so as not to make a hot pot?

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2. Place the laundry, stove, and refrigerator in the cooking kitchen

In the concept of kitchen work triangle that has been explained before, three things that must be in the cookware kitchen is a place of laundry, stove, and refrigerator because it is always used for cooking. Placing these three objects in a triangular point and a close distance will make it easier for mothers to pick up and move cookware, such as deep fryer.

For security to be secured, place all three items in a distance of about 1 to 2 meters from each other. Thus, you do not need to walk far to move from the refrigerator to the stove area or a hot pot-free when moving from the refrigerator to the laundry place.

3. Use of table in cooking kitchen

The table in the cooking kitchen serves as an area to prepare groceries, cut groceries, and arrange dishes on plates. Interior designers say at least you should use a kitchen table with an area size of 400 square meters.

If placed next to the washing place, give a distance of about 60 cm so that the dirty water is not splashed into the cooking kitchen table area. If placed adjacent to the stove, give a distance of about 60 cm from the kitchen table cook.

4. A seat in the cooking kitchen

Some of the cooking kitchens have seating, usually around the kitchen island area. If this kitchen island area you will use also as a place to eat, make sure the seat has a distance of about 30 to 40 cm between the table and knee.

While the distance between the seat and wall or other objects are cultivated about 100 to 150 cm. Please note, if you live in a hot and humid area, you can choose kitchen Island and kitchen set aluminum to make the kitchen set Lasts a long time.

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5. Cooking Kitchen Ventilation

Clear ventilation should be observed in the cooking kitchen because there will be a lot of smoke produced from the cooking activities. So that the smoke does not cause illness for the residents of the house and make the house smell bad, use the exhaust fan or cooker hood to drain the smoke out. It would be better if the cooking kitchen has a window so that there is an outside air that goes inside so the kitchen feels cooler and unrigged. Don't underestimate the importance of ventilation at home!

6. Storage of equipment in cooking kitchens

The way you store your cookware can also make your cooking kitchen more efficient. For small sized kitchens, the presence of cabinets can be replaced with special poles or open wall shelves to put cookware. As for the large kitchen, you can create a cabinet on the top of the kitchen so that the cooking kitchen looks neater.

7. Cooking Kitchen Design One wall

The design of the cooking kitchen is often referred to as the kitchen shape I have only one wall. Although it is not able to apply the concept of kitchen work triangle, this design is suitable for small-sized house. There are many tricks you can do in the kitchenette, one of which builds a design that is quite efficient as mothers don't have to walk far when they want to open the fridge and then move on to the laundry place. The kitchen room will also look bigger and more comfortable.

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8. Design the galley cooking Kitchen

The next cooking kitchen design is often also referred to as kitchen corridors. You can apply kitchen work triangle concept to this kitchen. Basically, the kitchen is rectangular in shape with utensils and furniture placed on the right and left side. For the movement does feel more efficient, but unfortunately you can not put kitchen island here because it will disturb the path then tares.

9. L-shaped cooking kitchen design

This L-shaped cookware design is an extension of a one-wall cooking kitchen stretching the area to one wall next to it. This design cooking kitchen is also suitable for applying kitchen work triangle concept and built for medium to large occupancy. Because there is an empty space in the middle of the kitchen, you can put kitchen island with some chairs around it.

10. U-shaped cooking kitchen design

To apply this U-shaped cooking kitchen design, you must have a large kitchen area. This kitchen requires 3 walls to form it, certainly perfect for implementing the concept

Kitchen work triangle. If your area is limited, you may not be able to put kitchen island because it will interfere with movement. But if your room is quite spacious, using kitchen island is still allowed. As long as you apply the spacing rules already explained above yes. Especially be careful when placing a gas regulator.

11. The Peninsula Cooking Kitchen design

The design of this peninsula-style cooking kitchen reminds us of the kitchen in the restaurant or bar. This kitchen can be made if it essentially has an L or U shape. One corner is left open and filled with a kitchen island. This Kitchen island already includes a washing and seating area.

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