U shaped small size modular kitchen photos with kitchen island cart drop leaf with kitchen cabinets design pakistan

U shaped small size modular kitchen photos with kitchen island cart drop leaf with kitchen cabinets design pakistan

cozyhomedecor.club - Cooking activities in the kitchen will feel more comfortable if there is a kitchen cabinet. This kitchen cabinet is a storage area of cookware, cutlery, and seasoning kitchen. With kitchen cabinets in the kitchen area, you don't have to walk far to prepare all the cooking needs.

What is the right kitchen cabinet design for your needs? Check out the following 7 kitchen cabinet designs Yes!

Kitchen cabinet with side openings

The kitchen cabinet design with these side openings is the most commonly used. Side openings will make it easier for you to find items or cookware in the cabinet. Cook even more quickly finish

Kitchen cabinet with upper opening door

The kitchen cabinet with an upward opening door will be very suitable to be placed in a small sized kitchen on the upper wall. When attaching to the wall, make sure that there is a residual space at the top so that the ceiling does not bounce by the kitchen cabinet door.

Kitchen cabinet with sliding opening

This kitchen cabinet with sliding openings is perfect for decorating your minimalist - style kitchen. The cabinet was made fused with a wall near the dishwasher area so it was invisible to eat space. Consisting of several tiers of shelves, you can use them as a storage place for cutlery and cake scales at the base.

4. Kitchen Cabinet with glass door

Kitchen cabinet with glass door will ease you when you want to find cookware or cutlery. This glass door is usually combined with a cabinet material of stainless steel or wood. Its presence can make the kitchen look more elegant and tidy.

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Kitchen cabinet without Doors

The next kitchen cabinet design that you need to know is the kitchen cabinet without a door aka floating cabinet. The advantage of using this kitchen cabinet is that the kitchen space looks more spacious. You will also be easier to find items when you need them. If you want, neatly arranged colorful tableware can be an indirect decoration for the kitchen space. Interesting, huh?

Kitchen cabinet with chalkboard door

When you're in the kitchen, you might remember something that would spice up your kitchen or find ideas for a weekend cooking menu. Noting using paper can sometimes be tucked away and lost. Instead, you can use the kitchen cabinet with the door from the board. There you can write dishes, recipes, grocery lists, and pearl words.

Kitchen cabinet with a door without grip

Kitchen cabinet with a door without this grip is usually used in minimalist and modern kitchen space. Without a door handle, the kitchen cabinet will look more concise and elegant. To replace the grip on the cabinet door, there is usually a hole or basin at the bottom of the door.

Kitchen cabinet with maximum space

Do you know that the corner of the kitchen cabinet near the refrigerator is often wasted because of the door position that collided when it opened? For those of you who want the maximum storage area, try using a kitchen cabinet with a drawer of 90 ° on its corner like this. When you want to open the drawer, you can do it without colliding and no more unused free space.

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