U shaped small straight modular kitchen with kitchen island big lots with kitchen cabinet design red and white

U shaped small straight modular kitchen with kitchen island big lots with kitchen cabinet design red and white

U shaped small straight modular kitchen with kitchen island big lots with kitchen cabinet design red and white

cozyhomedecor.club - For those of you who are not familiar with the terms of modular furniture, surely you wonder what the hell, the modular kitchen it is?

The modular kitchen is actually a term that depicts the look of a modern kitchen whose components are composed of a unit of kitchen cabinet units. There are two types of cabinet units in the modular kitchen, the upper cabinet unit and the lower cabinet unit.

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Sounds the same with the kitchen display with a regular kitchen set? The distinguishing modular kitchens with kitchen set kitchens are components of the cabinet in a fragmentary modular kitchen, not like a kitchen with a kitchen set whose design structure blends together. Interesting, huh? Let's just look at what the advantages and disadvantages of using the modular kitchen!

1. The compact design is also easily assembled and fitted

To be able to have a modular kitchen, you do not need to use the service of a artisan or professional interior designer. Modular kitchen components can be bought directly at the furniture shop.

The partitions from the modular kitchen cabinet are also easy for you to stitch and you install yourself. Since the modular kitchen cabinet can be purchased per unit, the number of units purchased by the unit can be adjusted to your kitchen size.

Its compact design makes the modular kitchen can be placed in a confined space or narroil between two different rooms. The nature of the movable component also becomes its own advantage, you can move the kitchen components together with you as you move home.

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2. You can do different color combinations and cabinet unit designs

As the modular kitchens are composed of cabinet units, you can be creative by combining several different cabinets that have distinct designs and colors. Another combination that you can do in setting up a modular kitchen is to arrange the cabinet units from different partitions to get a unique and interesting kitchen interior look.

3. Can be made various forms of kitchen design

Just because the modular kitchen is composed of cabinet partitions, does not mean that the arrangement of the cabinets can only form a parallel kitchen. Similar to conventional kitchens, modular kitchens can also be arranged in various forms of cooking kitchen designs.

For example the clean Kitchen model L and U. But, not that the modular kitchens don't have flaws, some of which you can read more below!

4. The price is difficult to adjust to budget, when damaged the cost of repair is also expensive

Because the modular kitchen components available in the furniture shop are finished and ready to be assembled, the price of the components is also definite and cannot be negotiable. This makes you difficult to adjust the price with your budget and needs.

Not uncommon overall price for modular kitchen unity also exceeds the price of a conventional kitchen set can be personal. Not to mention that some components are damaged, you have to pay expensive professional interior design services to fix them.

5. The design of the monotonous, the cabinet unit does not have much variation of shape and model

Modular kitchen components tend to have the same shape and monotonous, most of them flat and unaccented. This causes you to be difficult exploring the various styles of kitchen design. The difference is with a kitchen with a conventional kitchen set that you can customize the design with the concept of interior design that you want.

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6. Routine maintenance required to maintain durability

The modular kitchen cannot be used for very intensive kitchen activities. To keep the durability, you need to use careful kitchen utensils and regular maintenance.

You should also carefully arrange the storage of items in each modular kitchen compartment. Particularly in the drawer that if filled with too many items will be easily broken or so hard to pull.Once you know the advantages and disadvantages of a modular kitchen, are you so interested in filling or renovating the kitchen in your house with this kitchen model? If you're interested, don't forget to keep an eye on the risk factors of using a modular kitchen.

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