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European all wood kitchen cabinet with big island in center

European all wood kitchen cabinet with big island in center - European all wood kitchen cabinet with big island in center

European all wood kitchen cabinet with big island in center - European all wood kitchen cabinet with big island in center

The kitchen is one of the rooms that must be in a house. Once, the kitchen serves only as a place to cook or eat a meal. Nowadays, however, the function is increasingly shifted until now the kitchen is considered as the heart of the house with a design that follows the trend and lifestyle.

Regardless of the hobby of cooking or not, having a beautiful kitchen is certainly a dream for everyone. Because the kitchen is now often used as a second living room to entertain the relatives when coming home. In addition to the overall kitchen design, the selection of decor and storage in the kitchen also takes a big contributed to make the kitchen look beautiful and enjoyable. The first thing to note in making the kitchen beautiful is the untidy, after which the decoration.

Luxury minimalist kitchen design and minimalist kitchen design. The size of the house or apartment is indirectly a kitchen determinant and size. If the house includes a small or studio apartment type, minimalist kitchen design is often a mainstay. However, is it also quite convenient?

Well, rather than confused, let’s look at some examples of kitchen models that might be suitable for your home or apartment. After that, just select which is roughly match the tastes until the funds are available. Want to modify it yourself too.

Some argue that the white color is classic and timeless, especially for the kitchen. Unfortunately, this color is also prone to dirty and may be difficult to clean. Moreover, splashes of kitchen herbs and oils while cooking is very likely to happen. With a white kitchen set on this minimalist kitchen design, you can familido it with:

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Using a color other than white on other parts that easily splashed food cooked. Example: Tabletop and Wall section closest to the stove.
Combinations of natural stones that will not be too problematic when exposed to herbs or oils.

For those who live in a small house or studio class apartment, the modern design of this kitchen is definitely suitable. Because with a size of 2 × 2, you have to save a lot of places so that it can still be freely moved while cooking. Two tricks below can be used to make this mini kitchen can function more maximally.

Bring together kitchen island function with dining table. Besides being simple, you don’t have to bother bringing new dishes too far. From tabletop directly to kitchen island aka dining table. So many shelves in kitchen set or in kitchen island. For kitchen utensil, you don’t need to have too much other cabinets.

This minimalist kitchen design will be brighter, roomy, and beautiful with some additional strategies. For example: Kitchen set should be neatly arranged on one side of the kitchen. The function of the bar table on the other side is for dining tables as well as where to prepare dishes. In order not to get dirty, choose the floor with a color other than white.

Small house with type 36 definitely need a kitchen that is also suitable, both in terms of size to model. This unique and more open design can be one of the ideal examples. The challenge of a kitchen like this is the dust and dirt from the outside air that is easy to stick. To Familido it, you can use walls and floors of ceramic materials for easy cleaning.

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Do not forget, rely on a modern design that is not too complicated from the paint color to the overall floor plan of the kitchen.

The kitchen with natural nuance has a success to save paint color. All you do is give a lacquerware to the wood palette for the wall and the kitchen set to make the surface smooth and flat. Don’t want the kitchen with finishing on wood texture This kitchen looks too grim? You can make the kitchen window longer and wider, so that natural light can enter the kitchen during the day and display bright color tools.

Many ways to design the kitchen size 2 × 2. The interior design in the form of white walls and marble walls with black brick motif near the stove is the solution. The kitchen so looks more slick and does not add a sense of tightness. Adequate shelf count can also reduce the likelihood of kitchen utensil to be ubiquitous. Also, don’t forget to make the hardwood floors always smooth, but don’t be too slippery to prevent slip.

You can also install glass doors that add a broad impression, especially when it leads to a garden at home. In addition, the king is clean the kitchen, because the white color is certainly dirty easily splashed with spices and oil. White is indeed a classic choice for the kitchen, because it is easily matched with other colors. Kitchen size 3 × 3 is an example. In addition to adequate lighting (such as with lamps and windows), make white dominant in the kitchen.

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If you are concerned about neutral colours, you can make your kitchen look monotonous, with wood-toned floors, so that there is a natural feel. Choose from colorful plates and other kitchen furniture with similar concepts. Of course, cheerful colours make the kitchen look more vibrant.

Kitchen with type 36 is very suitable for small house and Little apartment. Ample lighting and not so much successful furniture make this mini kitchen look more spacious. For sure, you and your guests can still move quite comfortably while chatting.

In addition to combining neutral colors, the kitchen also combines functions other than cooking, which is: as a place to eat. (This can be seen from the kitchen island coupled with several seats).

This kitchen also doubles. As you see, the design looks minimalist living room that it connects to the kitchen. There are other tables and chairs that are comfortable to use when chatting with the family.

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European all wood kitchen cabinet with big island in center - European all wood kitchen cabinet with big island in center