house interior


house interior

house interior-The kitchen is one of the rooms that must be in a house. Old Fashioned kitchen serves only as a place to cook or eat dishes. But now that function is even more shifted until now the kitchen is considered as the heart of the house with a design that follows the trend and lifestyle. Regardless of the hobby of cooking or not, having a beautiful kitchen is certainly a dream for everyone. As in the picture house interior. Because the kitchen is now often used as a second living room to entertain relatives when it comes to home. In addition to the overall kitchen design, the selection of decor and storage in the kitchen also takes a big contributed to make the kitchen look beautiful and enjoyable. The first thing to note in making the kitchen beautiful is the untidy, after which the decoration.

Kitchen Island is one of the kitchen design that can be applied in your home. Kitchen island itself is one of the kitchen components of a large multi functional table which is usually located in the middle of the room. Often it is equipped with several chairs around as in the picture house interior Seats used are usually bar seats. Although it looks like a dining table, but the function is not specifically allocated as a dining table, but as a table to facilitate the process of cooking such as cutting groceries, preparing seasonings, and mixing groceries.

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